Tiffany L. Smith

“Tiffany was my IVF nurse at Northwestern. Without her help, we wouldn’t have our beautiful daughter. We tried for years, so by the time we arrived at her door, we were scared and deflated. She is the consummate professional, but a genuine and caring person. She just instinctively knew what to say to me, to keep things in perspective and to motivate me to move forward. After a failed IVF cycle, she was the first person to offer me comfort and she always, always, always gave me hope. She was the defining factor in our experience.” – Lindsey C.

“With the new day comes new strength and new thoughts.”
-Eleanor Roosevelt

Going through the IVF process can be an incredibly stressful and often overwhelming experience. Even with the most excellent injection training provided by your clinic, you may still have questions and concerns and may also prefer your at-home injections to be administered by a medical professional. Providing support and injection assistance through the fertility process is the primary mission of Smith Fertility Concierge.

Tiffany L. Smith and Yolanda Smith are registered nurses who together have more than 25 years of infertility/IVF experience. As previous IVF Coordinators at an academic-based fertility center in Chicago, they have worked with many patients over the years, teaching injection classes, answering patient phone calls and providing one-on-one counseling and support.

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Yolanda Smith

Tiffany and Yolanda have been instrumental throughout our infertility journey.  From our first phone call the anxiety and stress we had previously experienced was put to rest with their compassion, care, and much needed humor.  The extensive knowledge each possess regarding infertility and the IVF process – from injections to medicine is second to none.  Whether it is organizing our almost endless box of medication, explaining/demonstrating, and giving injections both Tiffany and Yolanda go above and beyond to ensure we are prepared, understand, and most importantly feel comfortable.  Through phone, email, or in person they are always available and trustworthy – the one constant throughout this unpredictable process.” – Beth H.